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The local Swedish genealogists

Our local Swedish genealogists are specialists in their own area.

For that reason you have to tell us were in Sweden you have your roots. This information is needed so you get the right local swedish genealogists.


Please read the instructions below.

If you don’t have so much information don’t hesitate. We will try to help you in the search to find information about your emigrant from Sweden / immigrant in U.S.

If you don't have all the information which stands below, thats okey. We will do our best anyway to help to find our Swedish ancestors.

Information to do research in Sweden
  • Full Name - first names and last name
  • Date of birth YYMMDD
  • Place of birth - parish and province
  • Date of emigration
  • With whom the emigration took place
  • Destination in U.S.

Full Name - first names and last name
The full names of the ancestor who emigrated from Sweden and immigrated to U.S. First name and last name. The Swedes often left with a patronymic name. In U.S. they sometimes changed it to another name.


Example 1 - Johan August Johansson changed to August Dahlstrand.
Example 2 - Mårten Erick Hammar changed to Martin Hammer.
Date of birth YYYYMMDD
You need to know when your ancestor was born YYYYMMDD. In Sweden many people had the same names. It's common in Sweden that in a parish and a year children have the same first and patronymic name.


If you are looking for a Christina Larsdotter B 1852 in a parish and you find three with the same name. Which one is yours?
Place of birth - parish and province
Birth parish is necessary to know. Province and län (county) isn't enough, there are several parishes in each län (county). There are also several parishes with same the name in Sweden.
Date of emigration
If you know the year of the emigration it's a great help. It helps to find the emigrant in Swedish Passenger lists.
With whom the emigration took place
Did the emigrant travel by her-/himself or with family members or with others? Who where they?
Destination in US
Do you know the destination for the immigration in U.S? Where in the U.S. do you find the immigrant for the first time?
Where to find information in U.S.
  • Relatives of today
  • Letters and photos from Sweden
  • Obituaries
  • Gravestones
  • U.S. Censuses
  • Naturalization
  • Passport Application
  • Already researched

Family members and relatives of today
Contact the elder or any others of your family you think know something. They might have information and kept things from the emigrant.
Letters and photos from Sweden
Maybe the emigrant/immigrant had contact with his family in Sweden. Ask them and check to see if there are letters, photos or a family bible or family histories.
Look up the obituary of the immigrants in a newspaper or if someone has it saved.
Try to find the gravestones of the immigrants. Contact the office of the cemetery for more information.
U.S. Censuses
In some of the census you find information about the year the emigration took place.
Look for the Naturalization paper, the application to be a citizen of U.S.
Passport Application
Maybe your ancestor visited her/his relatives in Sweden.
Already researched
Have you or someone in the family already done any genealogy research of the family in the U.S. and/or in Sweden.