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The emigration from Sweden

A lot of Swedes have emigrants in their families even if they haven't done any research or know about them. This is not strange as about 1,3 million Swedes emigrated during 1850-1930 and about 300 000 came back. Maybe they left to make money so they could buy a farm when they came back. The rest stayed in their new home-country. Most of the Swedes emigrated United States, but also to other countries such as Canada, Russia, Australia or England.

Today 4 % of the U.S. population count themselves of being Swedes. Most of them are probably not full blood Swedes as most Americans of today are a mix of people from all over the world.

People with Swedish Ancestry are all over the United States and Canada. Many known Swedes settled down in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area. In Illinois, they also settled in Chicago, Rockford, Galesburg and Rock Island. They did as the immigrants of today in Sweden. They settled down in the neighborhood of another compatriot. As for an example that a lot of immigrants from the parish of Floby, Skaraborgs län (R) and the area around, settled down in Galesburg, Knox Co, IL.

It was common that the immigrant traveled to a family member who already established themselves in the new country.