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Your Adventures

Finding your Swedish relatives is only half of the work your genealogist and guide do for you before you arrive in Sweden. A large part of the guides’ work is managing the process of making contact with living relatives. Whatever the circumstances, an amount of delicacy and mutual respect is required.

As well as, sometimes it may be very overwhelming for both parties. However, you can be assured that the process will go as smoothly as possible

It is an emotional trip for sure. Your local guides will make sure that you will experience your Swedish roots will all your senses.

Learn about the path your ancestors took and trace it all the way to you. Discover new things about you and your family. Such as, why do you have the hair color you have, why you prefer certain foods and your other Swedish traits. You might be more Swedish than you think!


By the help of your Swedish genealog guide and you can visit the farm where your family lived for generations.

Maybe the apple tree at your ancestors' farm still is there. Pick an apple, smell the garden they enjoyed and said goodbye to several generations ago.

Together with your genealogist guide and a member of the local heritage and history association (hembygdsförening) you can visit the cottage your ancestors once lived in.

Feel the timber by your own hands and look at the handcraft of each slicing in the making of the cottage.

You can feel and visualize the hard work your ancestors did, you come near your long-gone family members in Sweden.

Members of the network will help you to get in contact with living relatives and local heritage and history associations ( hembygdsföreningar). They will help you to find the information you are looking for.

Perhaps you will find the very cottage where your Swedish ancestor was born on your genealogy tours.

Visit the parish, churches and graveyards to find the resting place of the people in your family tree.

Lay down flowers at a family grave.

Document it for your own family album, by taking a picture of you and your ancestors grave in Sweden.

Visit the estate where your ancestor worked as a maid, farmhand, coachman, supervisor or gardener.

It's a success when you are able to visit where your forefather lived, walk on the land she/he worked and lived at with the family on the big estate a long time ago.

You maybe have old photos of ancestors or other pictures from Sweden in your family album. But you don't know who the persons are. Make copies to bring to Sweden.

By the help of relatives in Sweden you can make a comparison to photos in their family albums. Maybe they have the same pictures as you have or a another of the same person. The mystery solved!

You might meet a friendly relative or someone else who have the family pictures. Be able to look at photos of family members make you happy.

Of course, you ask for permission before you make copies for yourselves. Pictures you put in your own family album back home to show interested family members and others who like to find out more about your trip to Sweden.

Remember to take pictures of the road signs of the parish name where your ancestors lived. By that, it is much easier to remember when you come home with a lot of pictures, when and where you have been in Sweden.

Don't lose the contact with your Swedish heritage. Make sure that you keep it.

Remember for life!

By the help of the pictures you have taken on your heritage and genealogy tour to Sweden, your family in the States or whatever you live can find the path back into your footsteps on their own genealogy and heritage tour to Sweden.

Maybe you will be interviewed by the local radio station.

They like to know about your Genealogical and Heritage Adventures Tour/Trip and your stay in Sweden. How it is to meet long lost relatives for the first time and what you like about your ancestral country Sweden.


Find the gate to your family history. By the help of the Network Genealogical Adventures you to find the key to the lock.

We open the gate for you, standing on the doorsteps and search inside for your Swedish family. Looking and searching for the information you like to have and some more. We might find unexpected sources of information. We learn about the path your ancestors took and trace it all the way to you.

On the other side of the gate, your Swedish family of today might be waiting for you. They looking forward to meeting you in person. Get to know you and your family. They like to hear and read about the story about your family members, who emigrated from Sweden to an other country.

We make it emotional for you. We, your genealogy researchers and local guides in Sweden will make sure that you will experience your Swedish roots will all your senses.

Maybe you and members of your family in Sweden look alike. You have the same jaw, the color of the eyes. You might be more Swedish than you think!