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Do you like to ...?

Do you like to know more about your Swedish ancestors and like to visit Sweden and walk in your forefathers' footsteps, visit your Swedish ancestors' area and like to meet relatives of today?

You plan to visit your ancestors' homeland, but you are uncertain how to do the genealogy, plan your trip and contact relatives in Sweden. You like to have a guide who can guide you in Sweden to the places you like to see, specific where your ancestors lived. You may like to have help with all four but just only one. You like to travel on your own, with your family, with friends or by a group.

Let us help you with:


Your genealogy
Please tell us about your emigrant from Sweden and ancestors. What do you like to know? We will help you to find the information you are looking for.


Links about genealogy at this website:
Translation of documents
We help you with translation of letters and other documents in Swedish.
Contact your family in Sweden
It can be tricky to contact family members in Sweden. You don't know how to make the contact. They might not speak English and by that it can be hard to explain who you are and what you like to know.
The network will help you to get in contact with living relatives.
Plan your stay in Sweden
We help you to plan your trip and stay in Sweden. Tell us what you like to do, places to visit and how many days you stay in Sweden.
You can travel:


On your own
You like to travel to your ancestry homecountry Sweden on your own.
With your family
Members of your family like to have a Genealogical Adventures at the same time as you. Family members who have the same ancestry as you.
With a group
You might have friends which you like to bring a long on your Genealogical Adventure trip. Maybe they also have swedish ancestors.





Without knowing the language and how to research in the country, it is difficult to find other places or people who are living relatives or know about ancestors of one’s family.